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Freya - The Multifaceted Goddess of Love -Vikingsprit

By CollaboratorKeato May 04, 2019 0 comments

Freya is the most important amongst all the Norse goddesses. She is a beautiful woman with several abilities; maybe we could call her the real definition of Woman Power. Freya is absolutely feminine and powerful at the same time. She is popularly known as the "Mother of the Norse gods" and "The goddess of love" in the Norse mythology, but there are so many other symbols attributed to her name. The goddess of love is to known to be great at war, and she is also associated with death, fertility, lust, sex, wealth, as well as magic.


















Freya belongs to the race of gods and goddesses called Vanir, whose general attribute is nature, fertility, wisdom, telling the future, animals, unseen realm, and wild places. She is the most famous of the goddesses of this race; she is particularly known for her striking appearance and beauty. None of the gods could resist Freya, especially when she wore her necklace (Brisingamen) which was made for her by four dwarves. She had many admirers. Many people including gods, giants, and dwarves wanted to have her. She has a passion for romantic poems and loves songs, and she could sing and recite poems for long hours.

The beautiful goddess of love would go around with her cloak of falcon feathers in her carriage lead by her cats and accompanied by Hildisvini, a boar. She gave birth to Hnoss and Gersemi. One of the most interesting things about Freya is her special gift. Whenever she cries, her tears turn to gold or amber.
Freya's Aliases

The beauty goddess has so many names ascribed to her. Some of them are:

  • Queen of Asgard
  • Queen of the Valkyries
  • Witch in the Woods
  • Goddess of Love, Magic, Beauty, Childbirth, War, and Death
  • Mother of the Gods

Freya's Family

Coming from to the Vanir race, Freya was born into the family of Njord, the sea god, along with her twin brother, Freyr. She became the wife of Odin who fathered her two daughters, Hnoss and Gersimi. Freyr, her twin, is the God of peace, rain, sunshine, and fertility.

Freya And Odin

Freya was married to Odr who became Odin. The marriage was blessed with two daughters. It was a lovely marriage; even though, it didn't last long. Odr subsequently disappeared which caused Freya to cry tears of gold. Freya lived in Asgard where she shared the souls of dead warriors with Odin. She takes half while Odin takes the other half. Freya is a lustful goddess with many lovers, but she still cares for her husband.


Freya is famous for many qualities that made her the most popular goddess in Norse mythology. The goddess of love is known to be a representation of beauty and sensuality. She is a symbolic representation of strength and female power. She is known for her cat-lead carriage, her falcon feather coat, and her special type of necklace that was made by four dwarves. Freya also has the power of knowledge.

Freya is a benevolent god. She uses her magical power to grant the desires of those who come to her with their needs, even though, they must pay a price to be worthy of her benevolence. She grants whoever she deems worthy her blessings, but even the worthy must come with a sacrifice to show loyalty to her and her blessings to them.

The mother of the Norse gods is a symbol of kindness and has a nurturing attribute. However, she can be found to be the opposite of this, as she is also known to be the goddess of wrath and death. She has a very strict standard and doesn't let her love and blessings be abused.

Goddess Freya blesses with knowledge, wisdom, and children. She is all-powerful and can bless you with everything you desire. Her power is unquestionable as she can't be challenged by anyone. Those who seek guidance from Freya are led in ways that appear totally different from others. She guides their thoughts, paths, feelings, and everything that happens to them through her eternal eyes.

Freya And Her Cats

I bet you're yet to see anything like Freya's carriage. The carriage isn't pulled by horses or bulls but by cats. Freya's cats pulled her everywhere she went. The two cats, Bygul and Trjegul, were a gift from Thor.












On one calm morning, she woke up to the sound of thunderous noises disturbing the calm of the atmosphere. She peered out through the door to see Thor, the god of thunder riding on his carriage pulled by two goats. Freya was upset that he had disturbed her blissful sleep with so much unnecessary noise. She told him how bad his actions were. Thor then explained to her that he was only around there for fishing and he would be leaving soon.

Thor left the river as he said and went from there to fish for a water dragon only to hear a disturbing sound followed by a soothing song which made him fall asleep. He was startled by the same annoying sound he heard on his way to fish for water dragon, so he got up from sleep to see where the sound was coming from. While searching for the source of the disturbing sound, he stumbled on two large kittens and a cat. The kittens were sleeping while the cat was singing to them.

Thor asked if the cat was singing to lull him to sleep so he could harm him, but the cat explained his ordeal about being a single father to him. He said he often sing to them so they could sleep because raising them had not been easy for him. The only thing Thor could think of at that moment was how to present Freya with the large kittens.

Thor presented the blue and grey cat, Bygul and Trjegul to Freya. She loved them so much and wanted to go everywhere with them, so she made them lead her carriage.

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