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The Story Of Ragnarok And The Death Of The Mighty -VikingSprit

By CollaboratorKeato May 04, 2019 0 comments

The Vikings believed Ragnarok to be the place of death. Throughout Norse mythology, Ragnarök stands as a place where death took both gods, giants, and the beasts alike. It is a place of death of all the Norse gods.

In the era of the Norse gods, they were all foretold about their fates, and they knew what was coming to them. There were prophecies telling them they won't be around forever, so they all expected the time of their doom - Ragnarök. The Oracle spoke so much about how the giants will freeze and how a fire will fight all the gods in a battle that will lead to the destruction of the cosmos. All creatures on the cosmos will participate in the final battle with Asir and Einherjar on one side and Loki and his children along with Surt and his forces on the other side, all witnessing the destruction of the cosmos.

All the Norse gods knew there won't be an escape route for them at Ragnarok because it is not a debatable event. It is at Ragnarök that the Midgard serpent will emerge from the sea to splash poisons in all the cosmos and to cause waves crash on the land. Surt, the fire giant will set Asgard and Bifrost on fire. The Fenir wolf casts off its chain and set death and destruction on the land. The great Yggdrasil tree that has its branches over Asgard will shake the ground.

The Events Of Ragnarök

The Norns would normally decree and prophesy about the great winter to come. According to them, it is some sort of winter the world is yet to see. The wind will bite, and the snow will blow from all directions. The sun will cease to give warmth, and all the cosmos will be cold. This great winter will plunge the earth for three normal winters, with no summer. Every creature will be desperate for what to fill their bellies with which will lead to loss of morals, compassion, and law in the land.

 Now, the struggle will be for the strong. There shall be a struggle for survival and for the necessities that make life worth living. It will be the days of swords and spears that brothers will fight and slay each other, a father will kill his son, and a son will do the same unto his father. There will be incest all across the land with children defiling kinship. It will be the age of whoredom rife. Every man is savage and has no mercy on his own blood.

Skoll and Hati, the wolves, will now catch their last prey. The stars will leave a black void in the heavens. All mountains will fall flat, the great Yggdrasil that holds the cosmos together will tremble, all the trees will fall to the ground, and Fenrir the beast will break loose from its chains. The mighty serpent Jormungand, who dwells in the deep of the ocean travels to the land and spills over the earth and cause the land to fall.

The sky will be split, and the fire giants will crack through from Muspelpheim. Their leader, Surt will come out with a flaming sword in his hand. The sound of an ominous horn will ring out to announce the beginning of Ragnarök that the gods feared so much. Now, it is time for the final battle. The gods will prepare to go to war armed with weapons to defeat their enemies, even though they have in mind the outcome of the battle as prophesied by the Norns.

The Fate Of The Gods

The final battle between the Aesir and the giants will take place at Vigrid with the involvement of great gods including gods Odin, Loki, Thor, and Heimdallr in which they all died. They will all face their inescapable fate.


Odin and Fenir

Odin, the god of wisdom and war, will be fighting Fenrir the beast. Einherjar, the host of human warriors whom Odim has kept in  Valhalla for this moment, will be by his side. He will ride before them to the plain of Vigrid. Odin along with the champion of men will fight will with bravery, but all their efforts won't be enough. Fenrir will overpower Odin and his men. He will swallow them all.

Vidar, Odin's son, will become enraged and charge Fenrir to avenge the death of his father. On this day, Vidar will be wearing a shoe that has been designed for this purpose. The shoe has been crafted from the scraps of leather discarded by human shoemakers. In his rage, he will open Fenrir's mouth with his shoe and stab him to death in his throat.

Loki and Heimdallr

Loki, the trickster God and his host along with the frost giants will troop into the plain of Vigrid to fight the final battle. Loki will fight Heimdallr, and both will inflict brutal injuries on each other. Haimidallr dies from the injury while Loki will wait to see the end of the destruction of the world before he dies.

Tyr is one of the gods of war. He is also the god of justice and the upholder of the law. He will fight wolf Garm in the final battle, and they will slay each other.

Freyr and Surt

God Freyr, Freya's twin and the son of Njord will fight Surt, the fire giant. Freyr will be with no weapon and will be killed by Surt.

Thor and Jormungand


Thor, the god of thunder, is Odin's son. He and Jormungand are sworn enemies and have encountered each others on several occasions before Ragnarök. Jormungand has escaped from the hands of Thor until the final battle. Thor stands before Jormungand to slay him at Ragnarök; he will fall the great serpent with his hammer while the serpent covers him with so much venom. They will end up slaying each other.

After the death of most of the gods and giants, the remains of the earth is submerged into the sea, and all becomes void again. A new world full of green and beautiful water will then arise.

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