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Thor - The almighty God of thunder - VikingSprit

By CollaboratorKeato May 04, 2019 0 comments

Thor is one of the strongest gods in Norse mythology; he is the almighty god of thunder from the Aesir race. He lives in Asgard with his father, Odin. Thor is also known to be the god of the sky and agriculture. He is a representation of might. He is a loyal, relentless, and honorable warrior whom every other warrior aspired to be like. Thor is indeed a son of his father, Odin who is the king of the Vikings and the mightiest of all Gods. 

The mighty god of thunder is the defender of the Aesir gods. As the strongest of the Aesir gods, he took it upon himself to protect and defend the other gods from the intrusion of the giants who would normally act as enemies of the gods. Despite being a powerful God, he isn't the wisest, so many giants often fool him.

Thor is portrayed as a large, strong, and powerful man with fiery eyes, red beards, and red long flowing hair. He is a god with a highly ferocious appearance; however, this doesn't stop him from being a man of merry. He enjoys food and drinks a lot; they make his heart happy. He presides over the air, lightning, and thunder.

Thor's weapons are the most prominent in Norse mythology. No other god has his kind of weapons. Thor has a hammer called Mjollnir; it was made for him by two dwarves, Brok, and Eitri who are the gods'  magical object makers. Lightning strikes every time Thor flashes or throws Mjollnir in the air. He also wears a belt Megingjard, the belt of strength. Megingjard has a considerable amount of strength; it doubles Thor's original strength. Thor's hammer is a great inheritance to his sons after his death at Ragnarök.

Thor is popular for his hot temper; he keeps his temper at his fingertips; it doesn't take him time to release it on anyone who steps on his toes. He expends much of his anger on the Giants every time they get in his eyes. He would smash their heads with his hammer; he would wield his hammer with gloves and his belt of strength. Thor would throw his lightning hammer at his target, and it would return to his hand.

Thor's Family

The great god of thunder is the son of Odin, the all-father and giantess Fjorgyn. He is married to the golden-haired goddess Sif who gave birth to his son, Modi and his daughter, Thrud. He has another son, Mandi from his relationship with giantess Jarnsaxa. Thor has many brothers including Baldr and several others.

Thor married Sif, a golden-haired goddess who gave him two children. The beautiful wife of the storm god is associated with fertility, caregiving, and family. She is the mother of goddess Thrud and most prominent for being golden-haired and Thor's wife. Thor lives with Sif in Thrudheim (meaning Might), the biggest house in Asgard with their children.


Of the Norse gods, Thor is known to be a characteristic hero. He is outspoken, unconquerable, invincible, filled with strength and vigor. He is a symbol of a great man who is swift in action. He was preferred among all the gods, even beyond his father. He outdid his father to be the favorite and helper of the gods.


Thor would help every single person who comes to him, and this earned him "the Norse god of everyman." Despite his fiery appearance, he could relate with everyone; he is the no-nonsense deity that anyone could depend on and relate with. Thor is the role model warrior who played a good role in the goodness and fertility of the land. He promotes agriculture and fertility by giving his blessings to the land. Since he's associated with the sky, he gives rain to water the crop so they could grow and yield good fruit.

Thor and His Goats

One of the things attributable to Thor's appearance is his goat-led chariot. Thor made his goats, Tanngnoist (Teeth barer) and Tanngrisnir (Teeth Grinder) lead his chariot everywhere he goes. When Thor flies across the sky, his chariot and goat would make annoying noise to disturb the people below in Midgard. They call his movement lightning and thunder. Thor's goats serve as the best meal for him; he cooks them any time he would be staying away from home for more than one day, only to revive them with Mjollnir the next day.

Thor's Hammer

Thor's hammer is a powerful war and magic weapon. It was forged for him by two dwarves, Brok and Eitri. Thor's hammer, Mjollnir is one of the most powerful and frightening weapons in Norse mythology. It can tear down mountains; it can send lightning bolts to hit any target. The most interesting thing about Thor's hammer is that every time he threw it to hit a target, it returns to his right hand.

Thor's hammer can destroy and kill,  but it can also revive from death. So full of magic, the hammer can be shrunken to fit inside his shirt. He uses his hammer along with his power belt.

Thor and Jormungand


Thor and Jormungand, the sea serpent have become sworn enemies since the time he missed the opportunity to kill him. Thor and Jormungand meet when he went fishing with Hymir. Thor went deeper and deeper into the sea as a brawny man that he is. Letting the head of Hymir's Ox into the river as a bait, Jormungand bit the bait and Thor pulled him up. Hymir couldn't bear the sight of Jormungand dripping blood and poison; then he cut off the line before Thor could smash the serpent with his hammer.

Thor's Death

Thor is among the gods set to meet their doom at Ragnarök. The mighty god of thunder meets with Jormungand, the serpent again. This time, they both killed each other. Thor will succeed in falling the serpent with his hammer, but he can't escape death either because he is drenched in Jormungand's poison.

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