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Viking Archeological footprint - VikingSprit

By CollaboratorKeato May 04, 2019 0 comments

Once upon a time in Scandinavia, a group of seafarers lived on the lands, rearing cattle and hunting down whales in the nearby sea. This group of people is known as the Vikings. You might have heard of them, read about them or watch movies Focused on their stories. They became very popular between the 8th century and the 11th century, and in that time they sailed across many seas sharing their culture as they go. Being voyagers and explorers, Vikings left their markings on the sites where they visited ( Or conquered) using their unique writing system that is commonly known as a rune.

This Unique writing system consists of symbols or markings, and each one of them represents an alphabet. Alphabets in this writing system are quite similar to the English alphabets when translated, with the exclusion of two vowels (E and O) and three consonants (D , their dialect is the speak old Norse language: when spoken, it gives off sounds that are similar to the alphabets above. But then again, that is not the focus of this write-up. On the off chance That you find the Viking stories and lifestyle interesting, let's see how Vikings made their marks on the world's stage.

Vikings marks on the world's stage

  • Longships

Vikings are voyagers who comb the sea and shallow rivers for fishes. They carry out their wedding expenditures from their longships which are strategically designed to help them navigate swiftly and gracefully on the water. These longships are unique to the Viking culture since they are very different The typical design of a Viking longship features a wide, long and light from the typical western ships used in that era. Construction of floatable timber with a shallow-draught keel. The length of the ship is outfitted with long slender oars, that are used to move the longship on water. This strategic design gives the Viking longship its speed which, in turn,Give the Vikings an edge over their enemies during warfare (we'll talk about that in a bit).

It is almost expected that you would have heard one or two things about the heathens who ransacked the defenseless monastery in Lindisfarne in the year 793 AD This event marked the beginning of the Viking age when Vikings sailed from their homeland to sack other countries. Out all of these escapades using their longships. Long after the Viking age met its end, a lot of people are still using the Vikings longships concept to design their boats. Viking longships are not just unique to the Viking culture; they also have their designer's In order words, you probably cannot find two longships with equal the same design. 

  • Runes

Vikings are unique in many ways, and their uniqueness is evident in their speech and in their writing style. They speak the old Norse language, and they have a writing system that is unique to their culture. This fascinating writing system is known as runes. When translated to English a rune means secret knowledge and wisdom. They use this writing system to mark their territories as well as to honor their fallen ancestors. Some of these runes were carved into stones while others were carved into bone and wood. They use symbols for their alphabets which makes the carved bone, stone, and wood a true piece of art. Vikings don't write their stories with runes (they tell their stories to their children and their children tell it to their own children). You can almost feel their presence looking at one of their runes in the Museum. With this runes, Vikings leave their footprints everywhere they go using these runes to mark territories. Also, they, honor their dead comrades with runes.

  • Weapons

Generally, Viking characters in movies carry crude weapons that more often than not send chills down the spines of their enemies during warfare. Even though these characters are created with a little bit of exaggeration, we still cannot deny the fact that Vikings have some of the crudest weapons in war history. As a matter of fact, historians have said that most Vikings give names to their weapons. That is just to let you know how much Vikings value their weapons. This is probably why a lot of black market retailers still make money selling copies of Viking weapons to art collectors. Whether it’s a Viking spear, sword or ax, you’ll notice one thing about a typical Viking weapon – they are very long. A typical Viking sword will almost certainly have a length of 35 inches or more. Also, the cutting edge of a typical Viking ax can extend up to 18 inches. These weapons are usually decorated by their proprietors to throw more fear into the hearts of their enemies.

  • Viking outfits

Ordinarily, Vikings' style of dressing is quite simple; however, this simplicity makes their outfit unique. Even though Viking men and women wear clothes that are both practical and simple, they usually beautify their outfit with brooches. These brooches come in diverse designs and are usually made with quality materials like gold, silver, and copper. The vast majority of Viking outfits are fabricated from wool or linen materials. They also use animal products like animal fur and skin for their clothes. But then again, they only put animal skins on their outfit to keep them warm when the temperature drops below normal. Viking (men) also wear trousers, and their shirts are usually long-sleeved or tunic. Their women, however, wear dresses or gowns that are loosely-fitted on their body. People who are looking to have a feel of the lifestyle of a true Viking can get beautifully designed Viking brooches, cloaks and attires online.

From their homeland in Scandinavia to the shores of northern Europe and down to Russia, Vikings have made their mark on the world stage. Leaving behind a footprint that the waves of time cannot wash away.

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